Thursday, 26 May 2016

Kids enjoy the bloons game

Bloons tower defense is a chain of games based on tower defense under the very famous Bloons series created and financed by Ninja Kiwi. The game was originally established as a browser based game, developed on the platform Adobe Flash and was released in the year 2007. Games in this series have extended to serve several mobile platforms like the usual of iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone, PSP and so on.


In this game, the players try to prevent the balloons from reaching it to end point of the set route by inserting towers all along it and it is also possible to freeze and glue the balloons known in the game as bloons, allowing new towers additional time to burst them. Once bloons are popped and levels are completed money will be added to the user account, which can be used to upgrade all the items that are necessary to play the game. Go to and download the game

Criticism and appreciation

The popular game series has been criticized due to its shortage of innovative ideas in some games and performance issues mixed reception while the majority has reviewed well. Bloons tower defense has been described the best free TD games for this platform. The main purpose of this game is to stop the balloons from being successful in reaching the completion of a definite pathway on the map that entails of some entries and exoduses for them. In this TD game, the players can select numerous types of towers and set up at their disposal and position them around the trail permitted to guard alongside the bloons thus earning points for each bloon busted. If a bloon arrives at the final spot of a trail, the player will lose lives and as soon as these are all exhausted, the game reaches to its ends.


Bloons go after the plan's set path on the trail till they either arrive at the exit or are busted. There are numerous varieties of bloons, which come with stronger alternatives encompassing a total of weaker opponent. In certain forms of this tower defense game, bloons have brilliant abilities, or strong points, that counterattack definite tower types. With every level, the concentration of bloon waves consistently upsurges. Towers happen to be the foremost protective service in the Bloons Tower Defense sequences. And every individual tower comprises its own exclusive tenacity, strength, and usage with few being authoritative in contrast to particular bloons but incapable to aim others efficiently. Every single tower is entitled for upgradation in order to gain more supremacy and other aptitudes by spending the funds given in the game itself, known as money, which is gained by busting bloons and at the completion of each level. There are 5 games in this series and in bloons tower defense 4 as well as in bloons tower defense 5; specific towers are needed to be positioned to generate extra cash.

Since this is an unblocked game, kids enjoy playing this game very much. They can easily download it and start playing.

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