Saturday, 28 May 2016

A new way to play blocked games like age of war 2

Age of war 2 has now become very much popular among the people all over the world. It is a purely strategy and war based flash game where the main target of a player is to defeat the enemy troops and the base. The much you will destroy the enemy troops and base the much you will get Xp to reach up the next level and coins to upgrade the offensive and defensive structure along with the troops. Age of war 2 is an online flash game and it requires a stable internet connection.


Now coming to the plot of the game, in this game a player requires to protect fifteen different turrets along with sixteen troop units. The gameplay begins from the age of a caveman as then evolves as the game continues further. It is a stage five game which is needed to be finished in order to become the winner. A good strategy is always needed here to win the battle and only balanced attacking and defensive unit will do the job. The more you will win, the much you can accumulate game Xp, which will lead to the next level.

Age of war 2 will start in the prehistoric age where the caravans are the dinosaurs, next the medieval age will come where you can find the real knights to fight with them. Then, as you will move up, the crusading age will come where you have to fight with the angry settlers equipped with guns and swords. Next, you will be in the modern age where the troops are equipped with modern day’s guns and battle tanks. The last stage of this game is the future age where the troop will become the super solider along with fighter planes and tanks. In every age the player will have three units to fight against the enemy; the melee unit, heavy duty and long distance unit.


As it’s a game of point and click, you can play it by just simple clicks on the mouse, not only that you can play it anytime, anywhere. Suppose if you are having a free period or a boring lecture at the school or already have finished all the class works but have to stay in the class for a few more minutes, then this is the game which will give you the company. Even if you are staying at home jobless and planning to have some quick entertainment, then this game will surely fulfill your need.

But nowadays with several restrictions on the web you may find difficulty and blocked access to play the game at school. But it is always fun to find out the way how play blocked games. Once you start to play the blocked games, which means those games will no longer be blocked for you wherever you are standing and trying to play them. There are also several websites which offer you play age of war 2 unblocked game along with several other games of different taste like adventures, shooters, quests, arcades, etc. and by playing these type of games you can also increase your reasoning, logical thinking and brain power.