Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bubble Shooter - Time pass at its best

Bubble shooter is a flash game which can be played over the internet. It is very easy to play this game as it involves shooting the bubble using the bubble gun. This game is also called bubble shooter unblocked as it free to play these games at schools and universities. It does not require a high end processor or super-fast speedy computer to play. All it requires is an adobe flash player and a working internet connection in the PC to run this game. It is a game where there are different colours of bubbles present already and one has to make a choice and shoot them up.


It requires the person to shoot three same colour bubbles and after that, one can get the score. This is a really addictive game and this game can also be downloaded over mac, windows or palmtops. It also supports Symbian smartphones as well. As and how you hit the bubbles and make a pair of three homogenous bubbles, you start to accumulate points. However, if you fail to hit several times the bubbles by making a homogenous pair of three, the new lines of bubbles starts accumulating and making the game more challenging and tough to accomplish.

Games like bubble shooter

There are also various variations of bubble shooter game. One of them is bubble spinner. However, recently even candy crush soda and candy crush saga has been capturing the market by providing various missions/levels of shooting bubbles. It’s a great game to play altogether and children’s have been known to love this game a lot. It can be said to be a lot better than tetris game. However, it seems to be of the same line though. The main aim of this game is to take the mouse and keep clicking to shoot up the bubbles in the group. Consecutive alignment of three of more bubbles will make it pop.

Addictive yet fun game


This game is really addictive. It involves a combination of pressure, strategic thinking and realistic physics. It requires a lot of common sense to apply this game. It is very simple and easy to learn and play but very difficult to be an expert at it as it’s really very much challenging. As you miss the shoot each time, a foul is made. As the player makes more and more fouls as I have also mentioned earlier, it will keep the bubbles tumbling down. The game can be played till the bubbles don’t touch the bottom. 

As soon as it reaches the bottom, the user loses the game. Hence, in order to accomplish this game with ease, think first and then shoot the bubbles accordingly as it does not have any time constraints as such. If you want to play the unblocked version of this game, one can merrily play it at It does not even requiring formalities like signing up and stuff like. As soon as the person opens the website, he can start playing the game. It challenges the mind in a very different way. Bubble shooter also helps in increasing the skill set and is a very popular game amongst the children’s.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

A new way to play blocked games like age of war 2

Age of war 2 has now become very much popular among the people all over the world. It is a purely strategy and war based flash game where the main target of a player is to defeat the enemy troops and the base. The much you will destroy the enemy troops and base the much you will get Xp to reach up the next level and coins to upgrade the offensive and defensive structure along with the troops. Age of war 2 is an online flash game and it requires a stable internet connection.


Now coming to the plot of the game, in this game a player requires to protect fifteen different turrets along with sixteen troop units. The gameplay begins from the age of a caveman as then evolves as the game continues further. It is a stage five game which is needed to be finished in order to become the winner. A good strategy is always needed here to win the battle and only balanced attacking and defensive unit will do the job. The more you will win, the much you can accumulate game Xp, which will lead to the next level.

Age of war 2 will start in the prehistoric age where the caravans are the dinosaurs, next the medieval age will come where you can find the real knights to fight with them. Then, as you will move up, the crusading age will come where you have to fight with the angry settlers equipped with guns and swords. Next, you will be in the modern age where the troops are equipped with modern day’s guns and battle tanks. The last stage of this game is the future age where the troop will become the super solider along with fighter planes and tanks. In every age the player will have three units to fight against the enemy; the melee unit, heavy duty and long distance unit.


As it’s a game of point and click, you can play it by just simple clicks on the mouse, not only that you can play it anytime, anywhere. Suppose if you are having a free period or a boring lecture at the school or already have finished all the class works but have to stay in the class for a few more minutes, then this is the game which will give you the company. Even if you are staying at home jobless and planning to have some quick entertainment, then this game will surely fulfill your need.

But nowadays with several restrictions on the web you may find difficulty and blocked access to play the game at school. But it is always fun to find out the way how play blocked games. Once you start to play the blocked games, which means those games will no longer be blocked for you wherever you are standing and trying to play them. There are also several websites which offer you play age of war 2 unblocked game along with several other games of different taste like adventures, shooters, quests, arcades, etc. and by playing these type of games you can also increase your reasoning, logical thinking and brain power.

Friday, 27 May 2016

The new trend is Mafia style – Ace Gangster

Ace Gangster is somewhat like a Grand Theft Auto game. However, it does not require very high graphics or say, high-speed processor for running this game. This game can also be played over the internet. In this game, a person with red colour t-shirt will keep moving across the city performing crimes and missions which he undertakes as per the rules of the games. He/she can enter any door as well as a car or get chased by cops for performing tasks. It’s like the mini GTA. This game is really special as it does not lag. If you don’t have a high processor or a high fi graphics card, you can still run this game with ease.


Ace Gangster unblocked can be played with ease for free at schools as its unblocked totally at You just have to enter this link on your web browser and hit the play button and you can start playing this game with ease. It is very easy to understand this game as it does not have very difficult controls and just requires coordination among few of the keys of the keyboard. It is a kind of flash game in the virtual world. Flash game refers to the game which can be played using adobe flash player from within a web browser. This game is a popular flash game and was published by fun games on September 15, 2011.

This flash game can either be played in story mode or on free will. In the story mode, the person has to perform various tasks and missions and earn respect and money. Once a person has completed all the mission, the person becomes ace gangster which means the top class and first-grade gangster a person can be. In order to save the progress of the game, a person can either rent a hotel or apartment and by visiting there, he can save the progress. It is much similar to Grand Theft Auto as this game also allows the player to hijack a car by pressing spacebar when near the car.

Key controls of Ace Gangster


Ace Gangster has an easy to use interface as the controls only comprise of A, W, S, D to move, Z to enter a house and space bar to steal a car. Using the mouse controls and click, he can shoot through his gun. There are no more additional controls which can make the game complex. In order to keep the danger level low for the gangster, one should not hijack car too often or hit the police or make the police aware of any criminal activity. It is an amazing free game which all of you must try. You can also do various jobs like being a pizza delivery boy or just ride the BMX bike. It is a good game to play in the past time.

Cheat codes enhancing gamer experience

The funny part about ace gangsters is that it allows some cheats to use. These cheats can help the player to gain unlimited ammo and even extra life and other useful things. These cheats help the player to be tension free regarding the gaming experience as they will not have to worry about few resources which are limited if there were no cheats. It enhances the overall gaming experience and makes it worth it.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Kids enjoy the bloons game

Bloons tower defense is a chain of games based on tower defense under the very famous Bloons series created and financed by Ninja Kiwi. The game was originally established as a browser based game, developed on the platform Adobe Flash and was released in the year 2007. Games in this series have extended to serve several mobile platforms like the usual of iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone, PSP and so on.


In this game, the players try to prevent the balloons from reaching it to end point of the set route by inserting towers all along it and it is also possible to freeze and glue the balloons known in the game as bloons, allowing new towers additional time to burst them. Once bloons are popped and levels are completed money will be added to the user account, which can be used to upgrade all the items that are necessary to play the game. Go to and download the game

Criticism and appreciation

The popular game series has been criticized due to its shortage of innovative ideas in some games and performance issues mixed reception while the majority has reviewed well. Bloons tower defense has been described the best free TD games for this platform. The main purpose of this game is to stop the balloons from being successful in reaching the completion of a definite pathway on the map that entails of some entries and exoduses for them. In this TD game, the players can select numerous types of towers and set up at their disposal and position them around the trail permitted to guard alongside the bloons thus earning points for each bloon busted. If a bloon arrives at the final spot of a trail, the player will lose lives and as soon as these are all exhausted, the game reaches to its ends.


Bloons go after the plan's set path on the trail till they either arrive at the exit or are busted. There are numerous varieties of bloons, which come with stronger alternatives encompassing a total of weaker opponent. In certain forms of this tower defense game, bloons have brilliant abilities, or strong points, that counterattack definite tower types. With every level, the concentration of bloon waves consistently upsurges. Towers happen to be the foremost protective service in the Bloons Tower Defense sequences. And every individual tower comprises its own exclusive tenacity, strength, and usage with few being authoritative in contrast to particular bloons but incapable to aim others efficiently. Every single tower is entitled for upgradation in order to gain more supremacy and other aptitudes by spending the funds given in the game itself, known as money, which is gained by busting bloons and at the completion of each level. There are 5 games in this series and in bloons tower defense 4 as well as in bloons tower defense 5; specific towers are needed to be positioned to generate extra cash.

Since this is an unblocked game, kids enjoy playing this game very much. They can easily download it and start playing.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Play one of the most popular multiplayer games – The bad eggs 2

When you wish to show off your gaming skills, the online platform is an ideal place. This allows you to compete with all the players over the world. The online gaming platform has turned the players into virtual warriors and they enjoy testing their skills. In this aspect, the game called bad eggs online 2 are worth playing. This is engaging, interesting and entertaining, evolving a brand new era in gaming. Once you are in touch with this game, you will feel the addiction in true serenity. If you are in search of the best gaming sites online where you can play this amazing game in a complete hassle free manner then we will suggest you visit the website of Unblocked games online. Yes, it’s free and you don’t need to pay a fee for playing this game. All you need to do is to click on this link to play this game

Playing the most amazing game on unblocked games online website:

This website is one of the chosen best online gaming sites dedicated for unblocked games and here you find several other games along with Bad eggs. For the benefit of the gamers, the websites provide bad eggs unblocked version, so that one need not pay for the game while he or she enjoys the complete features. A true sample of customized online game, this game will definitely live up to the expectations of the gamers with a vast array of choices, weapons, stages, ammunitions and a lot more. Moreover, with the multiplayer option available, you will never feel lonely and there will always someone to fight with you.

A brief on the features of Bad eggs 2:


Coming to the features, there is a lot to rejoice. A perfect game remains incomplete without good graphics, and this game has mind blowing graphics that will live up to a high gaming taste. The mode of difficulty is perfect and one can develop the skills with the course of time. Moreover, this is one of the most popular strategy games the world has ever seen. So, you will have to make judicious use of power and this will make you ponder a lot.

When you play the bad eggs 2 unblocked, you will find all the stages and you need not pay for the game. In many of the online games that need flash support, you need to pay a lot for the games and this is not always possible for the students. The right websites bring all the needed features of the games and at the end of the day; you will find them absolutely personalized for you.

Keeping all these factors in mind, it will not be wrong to label the game as one of the most user-friendly multiplayer games. If there is a child in your heart who loves to enjoy happiness and get entertained in every possible way, then what can be the best option other than Bad eggs? Come and enjoy this game online.