Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bubble Shooter - Time pass at its best

Bubble shooter is a flash game which can be played over the internet. It is very easy to play this game as it involves shooting the bubble using the bubble gun. This game is also called bubble shooter unblocked as it free to play these games at schools and universities. It does not require a high end processor or super-fast speedy computer to play. All it requires is an adobe flash player and a working internet connection in the PC to run this game. It is a game where there are different colours of bubbles present already and one has to make a choice and shoot them up.


It requires the person to shoot three same colour bubbles and after that, one can get the score. This is a really addictive game and this game can also be downloaded over mac, windows or palmtops. It also supports Symbian smartphones as well. As and how you hit the bubbles and make a pair of three homogenous bubbles, you start to accumulate points. However, if you fail to hit several times the bubbles by making a homogenous pair of three, the new lines of bubbles starts accumulating and making the game more challenging and tough to accomplish.

Games like bubble shooter

There are also various variations of bubble shooter game. One of them is bubble spinner. However, recently even candy crush soda and candy crush saga has been capturing the market by providing various missions/levels of shooting bubbles. It’s a great game to play altogether and children’s have been known to love this game a lot. It can be said to be a lot better than tetris game. However, it seems to be of the same line though. The main aim of this game is to take the mouse and keep clicking to shoot up the bubbles in the group. Consecutive alignment of three of more bubbles will make it pop.

Addictive yet fun game


This game is really addictive. It involves a combination of pressure, strategic thinking and realistic physics. It requires a lot of common sense to apply this game. It is very simple and easy to learn and play but very difficult to be an expert at it as it’s really very much challenging. As you miss the shoot each time, a foul is made. As the player makes more and more fouls as I have also mentioned earlier, it will keep the bubbles tumbling down. The game can be played till the bubbles don’t touch the bottom. 

As soon as it reaches the bottom, the user loses the game. Hence, in order to accomplish this game with ease, think first and then shoot the bubbles accordingly as it does not have any time constraints as such. If you want to play the unblocked version of this game, one can merrily play it at It does not even requiring formalities like signing up and stuff like. As soon as the person opens the website, he can start playing the game. It challenges the mind in a very different way. Bubble shooter also helps in increasing the skill set and is a very popular game amongst the children’s.

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