Friday, 27 May 2016

The new trend is Mafia style – Ace Gangster

Ace Gangster is somewhat like a Grand Theft Auto game. However, it does not require very high graphics or say, high-speed processor for running this game. This game can also be played over the internet. In this game, a person with red colour t-shirt will keep moving across the city performing crimes and missions which he undertakes as per the rules of the games. He/she can enter any door as well as a car or get chased by cops for performing tasks. It’s like the mini GTA. This game is really special as it does not lag. If you don’t have a high processor or a high fi graphics card, you can still run this game with ease.


Ace Gangster unblocked can be played with ease for free at schools as its unblocked totally at You just have to enter this link on your web browser and hit the play button and you can start playing this game with ease. It is very easy to understand this game as it does not have very difficult controls and just requires coordination among few of the keys of the keyboard. It is a kind of flash game in the virtual world. Flash game refers to the game which can be played using adobe flash player from within a web browser. This game is a popular flash game and was published by fun games on September 15, 2011.

This flash game can either be played in story mode or on free will. In the story mode, the person has to perform various tasks and missions and earn respect and money. Once a person has completed all the mission, the person becomes ace gangster which means the top class and first-grade gangster a person can be. In order to save the progress of the game, a person can either rent a hotel or apartment and by visiting there, he can save the progress. It is much similar to Grand Theft Auto as this game also allows the player to hijack a car by pressing spacebar when near the car.

Key controls of Ace Gangster


Ace Gangster has an easy to use interface as the controls only comprise of A, W, S, D to move, Z to enter a house and space bar to steal a car. Using the mouse controls and click, he can shoot through his gun. There are no more additional controls which can make the game complex. In order to keep the danger level low for the gangster, one should not hijack car too often or hit the police or make the police aware of any criminal activity. It is an amazing free game which all of you must try. You can also do various jobs like being a pizza delivery boy or just ride the BMX bike. It is a good game to play in the past time.

Cheat codes enhancing gamer experience

The funny part about ace gangsters is that it allows some cheats to use. These cheats can help the player to gain unlimited ammo and even extra life and other useful things. These cheats help the player to be tension free regarding the gaming experience as they will not have to worry about few resources which are limited if there were no cheats. It enhances the overall gaming experience and makes it worth it.

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